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Where can I send my donation?
Your donation is greatly appreciated and helps serve so many members of our community. You can donate online HERE, or by mailing a check to the community cupboard at P.O Box 999, WP 80866.
Do you accept food donations?
We are happy to accept food donations! Foods must be unopened and within expiration. We take:
  1. Dry Food
  2. Canned Food
  3. Refrigerated Food
  4. Frozen Food
Do you accept other types of donations?
-We are always in need of donations for your furry friends! We offer pet food for cats and dogs to our clients . We also are in need of toiletries and diapers of all sizes.
How do I volunteer?
Please call us at 719-687-3663 for more information! We always welcome help!
What are your scheduled closures for the year?
Please see below:
  1. Monday, February 18, 2019
  2. Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  3. Friday, April 19, 2019
  4. Monday, April 22, 2019
  5. Monday, May 27, 2019
  6. Monday, September 2 2019
  7. Friday, November 29, 2019
  8. December 24th - January 6th, 2020
What is your policy for inclement weather?
We typically follow the Woodland Park School District. However, our outreach also extends to Park County, Ute Pass, and all of Teller County – including Victor and Cripple Creek. We watch the weather closely for the safety of all clients and volunteers. We will post on KKTV, KRDO and FOX 21 when we will be closing, a minimum of 3 hours before scheduled opening.
What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for free distribution from 9:30 - 11:30.
Do I need to be a resident of Teller County to receive help?
We serve Teller county, Park county, and Ute Pass communities. However, feel free to contact us at 719-687-3663 – we are ALWAYS here to help.
What do I need to bring to receive assistance?
The Community Cupboard has been serving our communities since 1978. We ask you to bring and valid ID and proof of residence for anyone in the household. For additional information, please contact us at 719-687-3663.
How often can I receive food assistance?
We are an emergency food pantry providing 5-7 days worth of food. You can receive assistance once every 4 weeks. However, you can come in to receive free bread at any time.
What if I cannot wait the four weeks?
Please contact us at 719-687-3663. The Community Cupboard strongly believes in our mission and that no one should go hungry. There should always be food on the table.
Do you offer financial assistance?
No, we do not offer financial assistance. However, we do have access to resources that do, and are happy to share them with you CLICK HERE.
Do you offer any other type of assistance?
We are happy to offer additional assistance in the following areas: Employment assistance, resume assistance, budget shopping, cooking on $4 a day, getting the most from your tax return, Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes, and Please Tell Santa My Name campaign.
What will I receive in my Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday boxes?
Your Thanksgiving dinner boxes will have all the makings of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Your Christmas holiday box has all the makings of a full Christmas dinner down to cookies for Santa Claus.
What is your Santa Gives! Campaign?
Our Santa Gives! campaign launched 20 years ago and we offer parents the opportunity to sign up for Christmas Toys to place under the Christmas tree for children, from newborn to 18 years old. Each child will receive 3 items or 3 toys.