How We Help

The feeling of running on empty is too often a reality for so many in our community that do not always know where their next meal is coming from. Without adequate nutritious food, people, especially --- children --- don't have the energy to focus, learn, grow, and thrive. We need to make sure that no child, adult, or senior in Teller County ever runs on empty!

  • Resources
  • $4 a Day Budget Cooking
  • Children's Hunger Free Summer
  • Resume Assistance
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Boxes
  • Food
  • Budget Shopping
  • Getting the Most From your Tax Return
  • Employment Assistance
  • Please Tell Santa My Name Campaign

Our Goal

With the generosity of local businesses, individuals, churches, schools, government and civic organizations we are able to help those in need. The Community Cupboard's goal is to continue to help our veterans, the working poor, unemployed, disabled, elderly, and homeless in the Teller County/Ute Pass areas to always have a meal on the table and a path to self-sufficiency.