The following are some comments from previous clients.

“Love helping out here. Community Cupboard really strives to help as many people as they can. Mostly volunteer and donation based. I’m told they will be offering a few new interesting things soon. Can’t wait to see what it’s all about!”

                      — Jennifer P.

“I moved to Woodland Park in November 2016 right around Thanksgiving. My food stamps were gone and we we thought we would not be having Thanksgiving. I asked around and was pointed to the Cupboard for help. They helped with so much food! We ended up having an amazing Thanksgiving with great neighbors. It’s March and we still come here! ”

— Anonymous

“They were so helpful and friendly. I went to get food to help someone. They let me look around for idea for our food pantry in Iowa. I can’t express enough how helpful and friendly they were.”

                             -Doris H

“I loved volunteering here and getting to meet dedicated people who love to help others. Soo refreshing. Best way to feel truly thankful is seeing how blessed you are and finding a group of caring folks like these.”

                              -Kristin B

“We found ourselves on the reverse side of giving this Christmas season/New Year’s and were extremely grateful to Community Cupboard for being so generous and helping us out. They didn’t make us feel embarrassed or ashamed, nothing but love and kindness from the manager and volunteers. We are so grateful to them! Thank you guys.”